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William Pearson Stephenson's story

Posted by Elizabeth Deighton on
My Dad joined the air force rather against his Dad's wishes as he would have liked my Dad to have joined his old regiment. He was in signals and became a sergeant.
One night, when he was on shift, the phone went and a voice asked if it was him and then told him to bring a van to a certain area but no lights. He did so and when he arrived, there,  the van doors opened and then an air man jumped in and told my Dad to drive like ****** When they arrived at the aerodrome, the van was unloaded and it was a stag. Next day, the game keeper came up to complain to the officer who said that he was sure his lads wouldn't do anything like that.  All the messes had venison that day.
He played cricket for a raf team. On one occasion, he was supposed to be taking an exam and was also due to play a match. He was told to play in the match. He passed the exam!!
  He went over about 4 days after D day with signals but a few days before D day, suddenly the door to his hut opened, a voice shouted attention, and King George VI walked in. My Dad had to explain how signals worked which was top secret and he wasn't supposed to discuss it with anyone.
Whilst in Holland, he was on duty he took a signal that was to say that the war was over. He went out the next night and doesn't remember what happened but he had items on his key ring that he kept for the rest of his life. 
He finished up in Germany and one day, a bus pulled onto the base and an officer ordered airmen and nco's onto the bus. They were taken to Belson. Montgomery had ordered as many service people to see Belson so they could be witnesses. It was years later before he could talk about it.  He said that the thing that was the worst was when draws were pulled out and there was all the jewelry that had been taken. Everything from small keepsakes to top of the range. 


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