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Miroslav Antonin Liskutin DFC AFC (RAF) Czech squadron

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My Grandfather, Miroslav Antonin "Tony" Liskutin DFC AFC RAF was a Czech Pilot in RAF 312 squadron during the second world war. Tony's Spitfire serial number was DU-V and Tony flew thousands of hours escorting high altitude over Germany and also low altitude attacks. Additionally, Tony briefly flew in 145 Squadron and 313 squadrons. After the war, Tony and his friends were returned to Czechoslovakia with brand new MkIXc Spitfires with long-range drop tanks. Three years later, the communists would hunt these heroes down to avoid and resistance in taking over Czechoslovakia. Few of these brave men and women escaped. Tony was one of those few. Tony later wrote his memoirs for people to read and understand the tyranny of Nazi Socialist terror. His book, Challenge in the air, tells his story from start to finish. Tony continued to write several more books In Czech "for the youth to learn about Nazi socialist and Communist oppression".  Tony helped advise the 2001 Sony pictures movie Dark Blue World (Charles Dance, Tara Fitzgerald, Ondřej Vetchý) 

Trailer link: https://youtu.be/AJTz9VozSYI

Spitfire Startup: https://youtu.be/57QNnnTtkRA

Tony eventually received the honorary promotion to Brigadier General in his retirement as appreciation from the Czech Government for his service. More on his history will be coming. In the meantime, here are a few images. I welcome questions from anyone anywhere in any language. Tony spent his later life teaching me as much as he could, so I may continue to teach others. Tony's "mission" finally ended on February 19th, 2018 He was almost 99. They were the best of us all! Kind regards, James Liskutin (Eldest Grandson)


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