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World War One

My dear Old Dad

Posted by Karen Isaac on

My late father, Frank Cecil Clark, joined the RFC by chance as his friend didn't want to go alone so he tagged along with him. My Father got in but his friend didn't!

He delivered a plane to India and told many stories as he got older. One that sticks in my mind is when another friend, Teddy Brown (who was an only son), was burnt alive on his maiden flight. He said the screams would haunt him forever.

He didn't want children he said...to be used as Cannon Fodder...luckily he didn't stick to that!

I believe I might be one of the youngest children of a WW1 pilot as he was 60 when I was born and my Mother 40. Also my youngest child is 21 so possibly the youngest Grandchild of a RFC pilot too?

He was such a character, I think a lot of his generation were, as they had to be to cope with what they had seen at such a very young age. Such brave men and women....as they only had about an hour, if that, of training then up you went, in what was after all made of cotton, wood a bit of metal and string as he said!

I have a short video of him talking about it all in the 1990s, so precious to me, don't think we will ever see the like again of such bravery.



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