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Micky rejoins RAF as an Officer in 1929

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Micky re-enlists in the RAF in 1929 as a Pilot Officer to learn to fly and posted to Sealand for flying training on Avro 504, 2nd April 1929, as reported in the London Gazette.

He is granted a Short Service Commission as Pilot Officer on probation with seniority of March 15th 1929. 

On April 2nd 1929 he is ordered to RAF Sealand as follows: 
The following Pilot Officers are all posted to No. 5Flying Training Sch., Sealand, for flying training on April 2, 1929 :—J. E.Askworth, J. D. Baker-Carr, L. W. A. Binks, G. H. Binns, P. F. Corbett,R. C. Dawkins, D. R. C. B. de Sarigny, R. F. Fletcher. D. A. Gowing, T. W.Hodgson, K. G. Hucker, B. J. Hurren, G. B. Keily, F. Lemon, C. R. Lousada,A. R. MacKewn, A. A. McLaren, H. E. Mayes, H. L. Messiter, J. S. D. Miles,C. V. Ogden G. J., Pawson, C. M. Rees, H. A. Shotter, J. C. W. Staveley,E. A. H. Tanner, A. J. Tunnard, A. C. P. Westhorpe, and D. E. T. Whittlesea.

There they commence flying training where Micky learns to fly on the Avro 504. Later he also flies the Bristol Fighter.

At a mess night at the Officers' Mess, Micky invited his father as a guest. He sat him next to a colleague who has just returned from India who regaled Grandpa with tales of India and the North West Frontier.  At the end of the meal, Grandpa, who was a great listener, remarked that things had changed a bit since he was last there. The young officer asked him if he had ever been to India to which he replied that he first visited the North West Frontier in 1899!  



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