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Seletar Experience

Posted by May Adam on

In 1964 my husband was posted to 65 squadron at RAF Seletar in Singapore and I accompanied him.  It was an uncertain time because of unrest in Indonesia.  Riots in Singapore, curfew & air raid threats were the norm for some months. Being a qualified nurse, I had the post of a civilian nursing sister at the sick quarters on the base. Every day we had vaccination 'parades' and casualties from all three services. There was much troop movement because of the troubles.

There were lighter moments too - as when the M.O. had to remove a wart from the tip of an officers nose, under local anaesthetic.  The 'patient' lay on the theatre table with his brief case attached by chain to his wrist. We had to assure him it would be safe to lock the case in our cupboard before proceeding with the 'op'. Perhaps the case contained secret papers - or more likely his lunch!!

Working with the PMRAFNS & RAF medical team was one of the best experiences I had during my varied nursing career.

A time I will never forget.          

May Forsyth Adam



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