1945 - 1990

Cold War Years

Meritorius Service

Posted by George STANHOPE on

I was called up in 1953 for National Service, but was encouraged to sign on for 5 years ending my period of service in 1958. After training at West Kirby, I was transferred to RAF Marham where I was stationed until demob.

During that time I was employed as a clerk in the Equipment section and I was responsible for ordering parts to keep the aircraft flying. At the beginning of my service the Canberra aircraft were at Marham, but later on the V Bombers came into service. I was then promoted to VOG (V bomber on Ground) clerk which entailed spending a great deal of time on the telephone ordering urgently needed parts to maintain the aircraft flying.

I was awarded a certificate commending me for meritorious service by the Air Officer Commanding. I enjoyed my time in the Royal Air Force and many friends.



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